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How To Nails

5 Easy Nail Art Tutorials

Who doesn’t like experimenting with their nails? If you spend your weekends trying out nail tutorials and weekdays googling all the nails tools and shades...


Revisiting Celeb Trends

Celebs are known to be dressing up with amazing style and glamour and often bowl their fans over with their chic trends. We all know how celeb looks offer...

Hair Style

Hot & Trending Hairdos

A quick tutorial to hot hairstyles that are easy to create and will make you stand out in a social gathering. Text Priyanka Ravani Punamiya With us being in...

Beauty Skincare

Waxing Made Easy

Continuing with the article on waxing, we share a few basic things you need to keep in mind before and after the procedure. Things to avoid before a waxing...

Beauty Skincare

Solve Your Waxing Woes

If waxing gives you goosebumps, follow these simple tips to make the procedure easy for you. The very thought of smooth and silky hands and legs is exciting...

Beauty Lifestyle

Way to Festive Detox

Troubled by a post-festival hangover? Indulge in a much-needed detox. The festive season has finally come to a halt. After all the over-indulgence in sweets...

Celeb Diaries

“I’m a Salon Junkie”

Luxury consultant, socialite and style aficionado Sheetal Mafatlal lets us in on her choicest trend notes and takeaways in hair and beauty. Text Rachna Virdi...

Care Hair

Reclaim Your Festive Sheen

Invest in these veritable hair treatments to add a healthy dose of sheen to your crowning glory. Text Aruna Mujherjee The festive season is the best time to...


Drape It like a Pro

Diwali brings with it a number of occasions to dress up and spread your festive sheen around. If you’re looking to wear something unique to make heads turn, go...


Effortless Festive Styling 101

If Diwali shopping and home cleaning didn’t spare you enough time to prepare for your Diwali outfit and you’re in panic mode now, fret not! We have these easy...


Easy Cues to Get Festive-Ready

Diwali is the time to go all bright and radiant with your clothes and make-up to match with the festive glow. As the celebrations kickstart this weekend, we...


What Does Your Festive Horoscope Say ?

Festive season is here! If you still are confused on what should be your look this season just rely on our tarot based readings for festive inspiration. ARIES...

Hair Trends

Your Hairstyle Handbook

Kick off your Diwali festivities with cool and chic hairstyles, says Rachna Virdi. Diwali is the time when your social diary is chocabloc with family...