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10 Hair Myths Debunked!

Your granny, your mother and your friends have all told you things and tips about haircare that are probably not true. HAIR debunks 10 common hair myths that you need to stop believing in right now.

Cold water is better for your hair

Try not to freeze to death by washing your hair in cold water because this is not true! This temperature does not influence your hair’s health. Lukewarm water is the best temperature to stimulate your follicles.

Hair stops growing after a certain point

This myth is rather silly to believe in, but some people really do. If you take proper care and have enough nourishment for the sake of healthy hair, it will grow.

Grey hair is caused by stress

If your mother says that the first grey hair she got was because of you, she was only kidding. Science has proven that stress does cause your hair to grey, but at a very, very slow pace. It’s actually your genes that play a fairly large part in influencing the greying of your hair.

Plucking grey strands will cause more to grow

Don’t believe this one, ladies. Plucking hair only causes the follicle to be irritable leading to unhealthy hair.

Brushing your hair 100 times improves its quality

Rapunzel may have told you stories and that’s what they are – just stories. While brushing remains a good habit, hitting a century with that hairbrush is quite an exaggeration. Instead, a good 20 to 25 times helps to de-tangle your hair and evenly distributes the natural oils throughout.

Shampoo no more than once a week

Shampooing no more than once a week is classic ‘one size does not fit all’ rule that can cause serious damage. Your shampooing schedule should be dictated by your hair and the environmental conditions. If your hair needs to be shampooed twice or thrice a week, go ahead.

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Presence of dandruff implies dry scalp

Dandruff has become synonymous with dry scalp, but that’s not always the case. it is possible to have dry scalp and not have dandruff flakes. It is equally possible to have an oily scalp and battle with dandruff, which in reality is caused by an overabundance of a yeast that normally exists on everyone’s scalp, even those who don’t have dandruff. Find an anti-dandruff shampoo and a shampooing schedule that works for you and stick to it.

Change your shampoo often as prolonged use will render it ineffective

Are you happy with the results of the shampoo you currently use? If yes, then continue sticking to it. There are a number of reasons (season, hair length, etc) why you may want to change the hair products you use but prolong use of the same product definitely isn’t one of them.

A haircut will cause your hair to grow faster and will result in more volume

This may surprise you, but your hair growth is not affected by often it is trimmed. As far as volume is concerned, the only reason a haircut makes your hair looks fuller is because haircuts level the strands of hair, making sure follicles of different growth rates and lengths are uniform.

Split ends can be repaired using certain products

Split ends cannot be repaired, and that is fact. The only way to get rid of split ends is to trim them away. Some hair products offer a protective coating that can help prevent split ends from occurring, but once they do, there is no repairing them.

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