10 Iconic Beauty Moments That Have Changed The Industry Forever

Don’t we just love getting beauty #inspo from the past? History is dotted with trailblazers who paved the way for how we define beauty today.  From pushing back archaic beauty standards to turning beautification into a charitable act, these are the disruptive moments that we’ll never forget.


Blonde Bombshells
Some of our favourite beauty icons have rocked glamorous blonde locks for decades, from platinum curls to dirty-blonde feathered layers. Whether they actually have more fun remains up for debate.


Graphic Eyes
Say hello to the one fashion trend that makes a comeback year after year: graphic eyes. Think of it as a cooler, hipper version of the cat eyes. Go dramatic or go bold; place one solid line along your upper lash line or create little artful arrows that start narrow from the eye’s corner to thicker, squared off ‘wings’. From yesteryear stars Sadhana and Barbra Streisand to Sonam and Kareena, all have perfected the look over decades.


The Pixie Cut Movement
You can thank a 1968 classic horror film for giving us the inspiration we needed to say goodbye to long locks in favour of this rebellious ‘do.


‘80s Mania
Thanks to this era we got introduced to the electrifying blue shade, which conveniently won a place in our eyeshadow colour palettes. And, also let’s not forget the hairspray that became a must-have in our styling routines.


Going Bare
The #nomakeup gesture of 2016 started when Alicia Keys walked on a red carpet bare faced, inspiring everyone to celebrate their natural features instead of concealing them.   


Beauty Spot
Beauty spots have come into their own, but it wasn’t always this way. The ancient Greeks believed that moles and birthmarks foretold a person’s destiny. Whereas, in the medieval times moles were considered as bad luck. They returned as the height of fashion in the 18th century when Marie Antoinette placed spots on her face, using bits of black silk or velvet as a mark of distinction and to disguise scars. All but forgotten for years, they saw a revival when Marilyn Monroe with her famous mole came along! Since then, a bevy of famous faces have sported their moles proudly, from supermodel Cindy Crawford and Blake Lively to Indian diva Rekha.


Winged Eyeliner
For smoldering, timeless eyes! Whether you prefer demure and delicate wing tips or the Amy Winehouse style dramatic winged liners, it’s an eye makeup style that rocks on and on. In fact, winged eyeliners are a versatile trend, that work for both day and night. This chic and sleek eyeliner style is just what you need to brighten up your peepers without too much effort. A hit in the 1950s and 1960s this vivacious style has returned with a dramatic sign on red carpets everywhere including the glamourous Oscars.


Bright Red Lips
Remember Marilyn Monroe’s red lips? This sultry temptress’ red pout has been voted the most iconic beauty trend of all times. The Hollywood diva sported the striking red pout in the 1950s and 1960s, most famously in The Seven Year Itch. So memorable were those lips that MAC even created a lipstick range in her honor. More recently Angelina Jolie and home grown diva Rekha have also chosen to wow us with their drop dead red lips.


False Eyelashes
Long, fluttery lashes are oh so feminine! There’s nothing more dramatic and sexy. In fact stylists claim long, lush lash extensions are poised to become the new mani/pedi. From a rarely seen beauty accessory, standard issue falsies are now spotted everywhere from the BAFTAs to the Oscars, and no one is batting an eyelid! The best part: thanks to new innovations, the modern versions look almost natural. The best way, in fact, to perk up your face so that you almost don’t need anything else! First making an appearance in 1916 in Intolerance when director D. W. Griffith commissioned a wig maker to fabricate false lashes made of human hair for actress Seena Owen, fluttering falsies have hit a new high since Chanel models wore strips of black tulle fashioned into falsies at Paris Couture Week.


Fuller Brows
Forget the passing trend for thin eyebrows. The fierce, full brows are back! They frame your eyes, determine your expression and bring out your natural beauty like nothing else can. First made popular by the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor, it made a comeback in the mid ’90s when supermodel Kate Moss first flaunted unapologetically bold brows. Not to be mistaken with the untouched bushy wilderness of the 1980s, today’s bold brows are shapely but big. In fact, ‘bold brow bars’ are sprouting everywhere, and some makeup artists are seeing such a high demand for big brows that they are now doing brow shaping, tinting and tattooing full time. Closer home, Indian actress Savitri rocked the killer wing-bold brow look in the 1950s-60s. Today everyone from Deepika and Kareena to Genelia rock the bold brow look.

(All Images: Pinterest)