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10 Minutes to a Glowing Skin

Having the right skin products is important in your nighttime regime to help you achieve glowing skin, true. But so is the order in which you apply them on your skin. You might have a shelf full of your favourite creams but if you don’t apply them in the correct order, it will not reap you full benefits. We bring you a perfect night-time beauty regime to achieve glowing skin at home.



First and foremost comes removing your make-up. Do not make the basic task tedious by using wipes. Rather use a cleansing oil to melt your waterproof make-up well. Use a gentle facewash later to remove any dirt and grime left on the face.

Note: Make it a point to wash your face twice a day to keep your pores unclogged.


The toner sets your face and make sit ready for the products. Opt for non-alcoholic toners that won’t dry your skin and rather hydrate your face.


Serums are concentrated nutrients and antioxidants that pump your face. Choose your serums according to your skin type and troubles and make sure to pat it well so that it absorbs firmly in your pores.

Note: The rule is to use the lightest first and the heaviest last, as light products can’t seep through the heavy ones.

Eye Cream

Knowing or unknowingly, we end up rubbing our eyes throughout the day making the area prone to wrinkles. Don’t miss out on the vital eye cream; gently pat it on the under eye area, but make sure not to wipe or rub it.

Spot Treatment

If your dermatologist has advised you to use a spot treatment, there is no better time than applying it right after the eye cream.


Leave it for the last. Sleep is the time to let your skin heal and rejuvenate, so apply a moisturiser that locks in all the products that have been previously applied. Your moisturiser should essentially consist of hyaluronic acid, lipids and proteins that will help your skin to regenerate.


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