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10 Ways To Rock Bold Baby Bangs

Sharp micro fringes that will not just frame your face but also give you unmatched edge.

Sporting micro fringes may not be everyone’s cup of tea—but with the right attitude and style customised to your face type, it’s not hard to rock them!

• Those with short, sleek hair can try blunt, straight baby bangs. Remember, these need regular upkeep.

• For girls with wavy hair, try soft, tousled, lightly chopped fringes which are short but apt to show off facial features.

• If you’re still unconvinced, try a mixed style where you have super short bangs in the centre, paired with a longer length at the ends.

• This is not a style you should try on a whim. Consult a trusted hairstylist and thoroughly discuss a style which would suit your face structure