Hair Style

10 Ways to Sport a Dual Look

Opting for a dual look this season? Here’s your inspiration.

If you are looking for a style change , keep the following tips in mind:

  • There are different ways to do your hair but there is a general tendency to think straight or curly or wavy or a single colour look like a red or pink. Ditch going for just one colour or texture. Mix it up and take things a notch higher by combining two textures or colours to rock a dual look.

  • When it comes to dual texture, the styles, textures and combinations are endless. Think straight and curly, straight and wavy, curly and wavy, matte and shiny, wet and dry or a colour on colour look.

  • Experiment with different products, tools and colours to see what works the best and what will give you the perfect volume and texture to achieve that desired dual-textured look.

  • Team up cascading waves with perfectly sleek roots as a contrast or rock an undercut with crimped hair. A sleek updo with random sections of crimped hair falling loosely around the face is also a no-fuss look.