Hair Style

Polished Perfect

Name of Collection: It’s Just Rock ‘n Roll
Hair: Kerry Mather
Photographer: Richard Miles
Make-up: Sophie Cox
Stylist: Clare Frith

Mercury rising
Set the stage on fire with this smokin’ hot orange hue that is paired with a perfectly
clean texture for a glistening finish.

Blonde bombshell
Platinum blonde locks cut in a super sharp bob make such a powerful yet sexy statement.

Runway ready
Healthy trimmed ends, handpainted highlights and an on-trend fringe—everything about this
style is modern and effortlessly glamorous.

High and mighty
Would you be able to sit still and resist the urge to flip that ponytail if it sits atop
your head so perfectly? Cue music *I whip my hair back and forth*!

Knotty mood
A wild mass of curls with the contradiction of a sharp and thick braid–two techniques in a
mirror image!

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