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The cherry blossom tree also known as the Sakura flower tree isn’t just a tree which offers divine visual and fragrance beauty but also has excellent beauty benefits for your skin. The Sakura is truly a symbol of beauty for the Japanese, just like the rose is for the West. The beneficial properties of this flower show that it is an essential ingredient in cosmetic and skin care products, thus making it a wonder flower from the outside and the inside.

Before you make this wonder flower a part of your beauty regime, read about the benefits of the Sakura flower:

  • Cherry blossom has rich essential fatty acids which act as natural skin barriers and promote smooth and supple skin.
  • Sakura is ideal for a mature complexion; it has anti-aging, and whitening properties for the skin which promote collagen formation.
  • It also helps even out discoloration of skin caused due to sunrays by inhabiting the production of melanin. It cleanses the skin leaving it looking radiant.
  • The inflammatory properties and the presence of nitric acid in Sakura flower help ease out irritated skin, even when used in small amounts.


The easiest way you could incorporate the Sakura flower into your beauty regime is by using hand cream, lip balm, soap and shower gel in some popular beauty brands.


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