Making a Difference- III

Are you a self-confessed clean and green beauty lover? Then this one’s for you. In our digital coverstory, we bring you eco-beauty stories of vibrant and authentic individuals who are ambassadors of clean and green beauty. They are committed to producing and promoting products that are sustainable, resonate with nature and help others transform their skin to radiant, flawless and beautiful. Read on to be one with nature.

Rajni Ohri, Founder, Ohria Ayurveda 

Q: How and where did the idea to start Ohria Ayurveda come from and what made you step into the hair care/skincare world?

A: The brand Ohria was started in the year 2018 after years of intensive research. Ohria stands for natural Ayurveda products made from formulations passed on by ancestors of my Ayurveda Acharya (Teacher) in Rishikesh. Ohria’s five-letter name denotes the five basic elements (Panchamahabhutas) that all objects in the universe, are composed of, according to Ayurveda. A balance of these five elements can be achieved through Ayurveda to attain perfect health and Beauty. Ohria products are free of PEG’S, Silicones, heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides and are completely organic.

Q: What makes your products sustainable and eco-friendly? What different step is Ohria Ayurveda natural taking to ensure the products have limited/no environmental impact?

A: Ohria loves our planet and everything in it, so we use sustainable practices of manufacturing, and we have an eco-friendly manufacturing unit. Our packaging is sustainable and recyclable. The cost of sustainable packaging is definitely higher, but it is profitable for the environment in the long run. For high-end products, it’s easier to up the sustainable packaging as the target audience today is the well-informed client. As people are more aware today, it becomes the responsibility of the brand to educate further and spread awareness of sustainable packaging. To cut on costs of packaging, the brand can adopt specific measures and can have offers to entice consumers to return empty containers.

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Q: Tell us more about your product/product range/s.

A: Ohria Ayurveda is an organic and natural skin and beauty brand which has an extensive stand for natural ayurvedic products made from traditional formulations. We source most potent and sacred herbs and plants as ingredients from the Himalayas and other reliable sources, using the secret formulations that I inherited from my teacher, nurturing and developing each and every product with love and passion. The product portfolio includes an array of products ranging from bathing bars, mists, moisturizers, serums, facial cleansers to body lotions, hydrating gels, shower wash, shower oils, body butter, Kansa Wand and much more. Ohria allows its customers to customize gifts and make packages according to their preferences and needs. It allows you to put together a gift of nature, purity and ancient tradition.

Q: Why should customers opt for Ohria Ayurveda? What is the USP of the products?

A: Ohria is based on secret formulations based on my teacher’s wisdom. Each product is unique & has a beautiful story behind it. The main focus of the brand is on safe and powerful ingredients that are not only safe for the client’s health but very potent & powerful formulations to deliver efficacy & results. If it’s not natural, it’s not an Ohria product! Ohria believed in holistically solving all skincare & hair care issues following Ayurvedic principles. All its products are balanced & designed to bring all 5 elements in harmony. Ohria follows true ayurvedic tradition for all its processes. All botanical extracts, distillation, titration of herbs & plants are painstakingly made in-house in true ayurvedic tradition as taught by Ayurved Acharya. Mantras are chanted during the process to enhance efficacy.

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Kansa Face Wand

Shrikamya Face Oil

Raatrani & Mint Facial Mist

Rose & Honey Hydrating Gel

Rose & Pomegranate Shower Oil

It’s time we ditched those chemicals and embrace green beauty by following these beauties. Right?