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Wellness Tips in the time of Covid-19

We understand that while social distancing, frequent hand-washing and professional treatment will continue to be your top priority, eating a healthy diet, certain level of physical activity and measures to reduce stress for oneself and those around you will come in handy during these stressful times.Dr Nikhita Shere,Forest Essentials,shares some wellness tips.

Sleeping Ritual: While using the right products is crucial, it is equally important to have a well-rested sleep, in calm surroundings, for fresh and healthy skin. Enter a totally relaxed zone where you feel a thousand miles away from the pressures of everyday life as mind and body indulge in the benefits of deep, meditative relaxation to lull you into restful sleep.

She recommends:Tranquil Sleep from Forest Essentials. It contains pure essential oils which are well known to dispel anxiety and stress for a sound sleep.

Aromatherapy: Use lemongrass or mandarin spray to invigorate and energise yourself. Lemongrass has insect repellent and anti-microbial properties while mandarin has mood uplifting and immune-boosting properties.

She recommends:Cochin Lemongrass or Coorg Mandarin Room Surround spray.

Foot Massage: Ayurveda says that the last step before bedtime should be a foot massage that is Padabhyangam. The Vata dosha is responsible for all locomotory action, thought processing, removal of impurities and waste and the most significant prana that supports the life. Massage your feet to relax the mind and body, while balancing the outpoured Vata dosha that is overstimulated through the day. Rub your soles with the oil and press every fingertip with light pressure to release the muscle tension.

She recommends: Sandalwood and camphor body massage oil.

Note: Alternatively, you can also use a Kansa Vaati that is a brass bowl to massage the feet. This stimulates all the nerve endings located on the feet and soothe the eyes, induces sleep and tackles dryness of the feet. It is the perfect ritual to calm the soul after a hectic day of glaring at the screens and constantly being on the run to get tasks done. Wake up the next morning completely refreshed and recharged.

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