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3 Best Looks for Face-Time Calls

With all of us staying safe at home, the only way to connect with people is online and we all are doing that more than ever now. Video calling is the new way to connect with your work colleagues or catch up with friends and family or even for your online dating.

Though we are in our sweat pants and trying to adapt to a virtual lifestyle and carrying out our routines from the comfort of our home, we surely want to continue to look our best over virtual calls. After all, we are all looking forward to the part of getting ready for video conferencing by dabbing a lipstick or a layer of mascara. Following a routine can help set up a touch of regularity in your day, and we do need lots of that at this moment. Remember, just because we are all indoors, does not mean we should stop looking our best!

So leave it to Stafford Braganza, National Make-up Artist & Technical Trainer, L’Oréal Paris, India, to get you call-ready for those virtual meetings at any point of time in the day.  Try these looks and make your video calls more fun and exciting!

Friends’ Hangout Look

To go with the no make-up look, start by prepping your skin well. Wash it with water and put on a light moisturiser, something you are used to wearing. You can get this look by just using two make-up products and you will be amazed with the results you get.

  • Pick up your shade of foundation and dab those spotted areas on the face, the under eyes, chin or any area where you find some discolouration/spots and blend it well with your beauty blender sponge or brush or you can even use your fingers. The foundation will help your skin look even and fresh.
  • Once your base is done, you can use a lipstick as a blush. Take a little bit of the shade on your hand, warm it with your fingers and apply it to the apples of your cheek. This will instantly bring life to your face, making it look fresh. Finish up with a pigmented lipstick or lip tint in the colour of your choice. A nice coral or pink would work well.

Corporate Meeting Look

It’s great to add on a bit of make-up to make one’s face look a little bright and work-ready for conference calls. But it is best to keep it minimal, at the same time define your face so that your features stand out.

  • Start with a simple base. We don’t want to build it up too much, just a touch of foundation and concealer to ensure that acne or dark spots (if any) are taken care of. The concealer will help you cover your dark circles, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.
  • For those who are used to eye liner, add in a perfect thin swipe on your lash line, leaving the water line liner-free, to create a smudge-smoky liner look. Next, use a mascara and build up with volume in those lashes as it completes your entire look.
  • Keep it super simple for the lips; go with a tinted lip balm or a very natural, nude lip colour to finish it off.

Virtual Date Look

For a date night, I would recommend doing your base make-up well.

  • Start off with a good primer which really helps keep the make-up on for a longer time.
  • Add on a light foundation that suits your skin tone and use a concealer on the under eyes and around the lip area, wherever you need to camouflage you skin. Do remember to bring the foundation down to your neck and ears to ensure there’s no difference in colour from your face. Use one that gives a very promising coverage while allowing the skin to breathe and makes sure that you look fresh throughout.
  • For the cheeks, you can apply a bit of blush, as well as use a vibrant highlighter across your cheekbones and up to the brow bone which really makes the face pop.
  • For the eyes, you can decide to define your eyes with eye liner or just go with lots of mascara to highlight, lengthen and volumise your eyelashes.
  • Go with a soft lip if you decide to go big on the eyes and vice versa. With this look, I recommend a nude on the browner side or a subtle brick red lip tint.

You can check out these makeup looks on L’Oréal Paris YouTube page –


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