Hair Style

3 Effortless Ways to Style Your Hair

The secret to chic, effortless and minimalistic hair is here!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a hairstyle that is fashionable and super-chic yet requires minimal effort? Using a dry shampoo or a hairspray to set your hair in place won’t always work and could also damage your strands if used in excess. What do you do in such cases? Stop wondering as we’re about to tell you the secret to minimalistic hairstyles.

Turn to these effortless hairstyles that can be worn in a jiffy yet have you looking presentable to the outside world!

Wet Bun

For the busy bees who don’t always have time to dry their hair before stepping out, try the hot and wet bun hairstyle. Take a few drops of a high-gloss hair serum and run your fingers through damp hair. Twist this into a messy wet bun, a style you’re sure to love!


A ponytail is the fastest and easiest way to look like the most sophisticated person in any room! A plus point – it makes doing everything much faster too! From a great gym do to a sleek and shiny red-carpet look, this hairstyle always looks great!


If you think, having a cute and trendy hairstyle requires sacrifice of time and energy, you’ve been getting it all-wrong, all-along! The simplest way to have a hairstyle that stands out is the quickest and cutest braided hairstyle. Simply twist and turn for a style upgrade!