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3 Low Maintenance Haircuts For You

Because who doesn’t want a haircut that will just make life easier! Right?

There’s nothing more disappointing than walking into a salon, getting that dream haircut and your mane styled to perfection, only to have a completely different look once you’re back home and washed your hair. No one wants a haircut that requires a lot of upkeep and regular salon visits. Don’t we all love it when our stylist mentions cut and maintenance together for a new look? However, not all haircuts and maintenance go hand-in-hand.

We’ve picked three of our favourite cuts that require minimum upkeep and styling, and are low on maintenance.

For curly hair: Embrace the shoulder length lob as it is cute. A curly lob is high on style but low on maintenance.

For straight hair: If you’ve got straight hair, try a bold, edgy and daring pixie cut. It requires minimum maintenance and looks super chic.

For wavy hair: A choppy bob is a trendy wavy haircut! It is disheveled yet gorgeous. Needs no extra styling but instantly adds the oomph factor to your look!




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