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3 Monsoon-Ready Hairstyles

Get your mane ready for monsoon with these easy and chic hairstyles.

The blistering heat is finally behind us and the season of cloudy skies, sweet-sounding pitter-patter and cool showers are here. While we do love the feeling of water drops on our skin, cool winds and cosy rainy evenings, there’s also the unfailing frizz, humidity and other hair concerns that catch up with us during this season.

A beautiful season deserves an equally beautiful and easy hairstyle. For the ones who already have a pixie or a lob cut, you have nothing much to complain about. For the ones with medium to long hair, the rains can spell mane disaster. But don’t let the humidity take away the fashionista in you. Instead, try out these easy hairstyles to continue looking glamorous through the season.


Tossing your hair into a stylish knot will keep your strands from getting wet and cease being an open invitation for bacteria. It’s a classic style that can be worn every day. Begin by combing your hair, like you normally would, and pull it all into a high ponytail. Now gather the hair from the ponytail and turn it around to tie it into a knot (the higher, the better). Tie the knot with a rubber band and finish off with a hair spray. Wrap a chic scarf around for a little drama.

A slice of braid

Consider making braids your best friend (they should be your go-to style, especially during the rainy season). The rope braid hairstyle is fuss-free and keeps your hair away from frizz and knots. It literally takes less than five minutes to create this style. Brush your hair into a ponytail. Make two sections of the ponytail and twist the sections inward in the same direction. Now simply cross the two sections to form a rope braid and secure the end with a rubber band.

In good com-pony

The ponytail hairstyle is one we run to on gym days, free days, casual days and even busier days. When worn too often, the ponytail can seem boring. But there are ways to reinvent this easy-to-do hairstyle. The power pony is a style that’s often been spotted on celebrities, in more glamorous settings. To try the power pony, gather your hair into a really high pony and scrunch the loose strands to give it a wavy look. Add a texturising spray to give more volume and set those strands in place.





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