4 Self-grooming Tips for Men to Ace Those Video Calls!

From the harsh sunlight to the dust and pollution to the long hours of being stuck in traffic, the quarantine period has provided us with a much-needed break from our hectic schedules. However, one aspect of which many of us have been missing is the visit to our local barbers/salons for a haircut and shave. While some have been forced to grow out their hair or beard, during isolation, for others it may be time to take matters into their own hands.

Well, fire up those clippers, gentlemen, here are some interesting yet easy tips for you to groom yourself at home this lockdown season!

  • Give yourself the perfect haircut

For many men, trimming the beard at home has always been a usual regime. But when it comes to cutting hair, it is definitely a risky task at hand! Select a hair trimmer which also includes a precision trimmer, hair clipper, adjustable combs. Make sure the product is skin-friendly and safe to use with its precise trimming action and the use of Senso cut blades.

  • Provide your beard with the nourishment it deserves

Add oil to your beard to give it some much-needed nourishment and a healthy look. If you can’t get your hands on any beard specific oils in your area, a tablespoon of coconut oil or other hair oil around the house will do the trick.

  • Who says you can’t sport a stylish beard at home?

You need to wash and moisturize your beard well. If you don’t, it might cause beard acne, ingrown hair and dryness around your beard. Also, regularly trim your beard with a shaver, to stay fresh and clean.

  • Maintain a healthy scalp!

Give yourself an oil massage once a week and shower every day. Skipping this can be bad for your hygiene and bad for your hair and skin. This is not only a skin care mistake, but also a hygiene mistake that must be avoided.

Follow these basic tips to have the suave look you desire for those all-important video calls with colleagues, friends or family!


– Inputs by SYSKA Personal Care Appliances


(Images: freepik)