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4 Top & Trending Hairdos

Try them all to add a fun twist as you get into your party element!

Dry hair, frizz, greasy scalp, this season is rough on every girl’s delicate strands. If you need a hairstyle that can take on those cool temperatures and still look fabulous for the party season – from French braids to undone buns that seem tremendous under the scarf – we surely have something for you. Presenting some super cute and practical hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous despite the gloomy weather.

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French braid

This is a guaranteed way of keeping slimy bangs off of your forehead. French-braid your fringe along your face, framing layers that usually end up getting stuck to your face. To give your tresses extra staying power, give your hair a flash of dry shampoo. This hairstyle is also ideal for parties, brunches and formal get-togethers.

Sleek bun

The simplest and most hassle-free style of all, a sleek bun is the best choice for this season. All you need to do is pull your hair back, twist it well and lock it with a band for a chic party look. Just make sure you add excess amount of hair spray to ace the look.

Half-done bun

Look classy in an ocean of messy buns by sporting an undone bun during this season. Just straighten your hair and then pull it up, leaving a little portion as it is. Then create a ponytail, but pull your hair through part-way, leaving the tail hanging down. It may seem intricate, but this is one of the trendiest hairstyles to carry this season.

Half up, half down top knot

A half-up, half-down look will withstand even the most awful weathers and still look fabulous. Just make sure of spraying a hair spray to get a sleek look before pulling the top half of your hair into a top knot. This is the perfect hairdo for laidback evenings with your friends.

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