5 Awesome Hairstyling Tutorials You Need to Watch!

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We love good hairstyling tutorials as much as the next gal! And mastering these looks is a good starting point to trying more advanced stuff later on.

The Low Bun
The low bun may look simple, but perfecting it is not as straightforward as you’d think. It is a hairstyle worth mastering to perfection though since a good low bun instantly adds a dash of elegance to your overall look…

The Messy Bun
Now you might be wondering, ‘it’s supposed to be a mess, so what’s there to master?’ But, believe it or not, not all messes are created equal. Your messy bun can end up looking as it should, or it could end up looking like a bird’s nest. This tutorial will ensure that it’s the former case and not the latter…

The Fishtail Braid
Learning how to make a fishtail braid is an essential skill. There are many styles for long and medium hair that use a fishtail braid as a base, so mastering it is definitely worth the time and effort spent in the long run. Besides, even on its own, a fishtail braid looks pretty sweet…

The Rope Trick
Why this hair hack isn’t more popular, we’ll never know! Not only is it a great way to get and manage curls but also requires relatively less effort. A real boon for those with naturally unmanageable hair…

Short Hair Bonanza!
Last but not least, we’re not going to forget our short-haired sisters. Think that having less length diminishes the number of hairstyles you can have? This hairstyling tutorial will prove otherwise…


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