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5 Common Bad Habits Ruining Your Hair

Maintaining a good head of hair becomes harder than needed when these common bad habits are around.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our hair is healthy and at its finest. Yet, we make simple mistakes every day that undermine all our hair-care efforts. Are you guilty of any of these 5 common bad habits?

  • Over-colouring, over-washing, over-styling

A care-and-style routine that works for some else will not necessarily work for you. The end result is you washing, styling, or colouring your hair far too often than needed, making the strands weak.

  • Tight hairstyles every day

Pulling your hair back for a tight ponytail might give you the look you want, but doing so daily can also damage your hair. Tight hairstyles put undue stress on your hair and can result in hair loss, aka traction alopecia. Let your hair relax every now and then by mixing up your styling options.

  • Picking wrong hair extensions

Hair extensions can be great for adding length as well as volume. However, picking the wrong ones for your hair can have sad results. With new extensions that are easier to put on, people are increasingly prone to choosing ones that are not right for their hair or scalp.

  • Playing with or teasing your hair too often

A lot of us innocuously play with out hair, teasing it with our fingers, without giving it much thought. Turns out that it is one of the worst things you can do. Fighting the urge to play with your hair will save you a lot of grief.

  • Too many hot tools

Using a curling iron right after you have blow-dried your hair is inviting trouble. Remember, heat is your hair’s enemy. Try discovering techniques to help reduce the number of hot tools you use. For example, braiding wet hair and then blow drying it.

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