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The 5 Essential C’s of Children’s Haircare

Ensure that your child has healthy, well-maintained hair, minus any crying and complaining with these five essential routines by RUBY BHATIA.

One of the cutest things about kids is their adorable hair—boys with their funky spikes and girls with their curls and locks. But how can you keep their manes in great shape with the least amount of fussing and tears? Here are a few children’s haircare pointers…
Thorough cleansing of the scalp and hair is the first and most important step towards good hair care for children. Shampoo three times a week for normal hair, twice a week for dry hair and every day if necessary for oily hair. Avoid tears in the bath by:

  • using baby shampoos specially formulated for children,
  • holding a folded hand towel to cover their eyes while you pour water with a plastic mug,
  • hanging bright toys from the showerhead for them to look at so that they tip their head back while you wash with ease.

Keeping the hair soft and shiny is the next step towards beautiful hair for little ones. Regular conditioners are a good option if the child has dry hair. Remember to apply it only to the hair shaft and not to the scalp. Another great method of conditioning the hair is a monthly hot oil treatment. Apply warm coconut or olive oil, massage, leave for twenty minutes and shampoo as usual.
Combing and detangling…the only time you’ll wish your child had a crew cut, even if it’s a girl!  But there are ways to make the process (and hair!) just a little bit smoother. Apply a spray detangler or leave-in conditioner, divide the hair into sections, clip the rest of the hair and begin combing section by section. Always begin combing from the bottom and work your way up…otherwise pulling, breakage and yes, some screaming may ensue.
Haircuts for children can either be something they look forward to with great excitement or something they dread like the plague! Get things started on the right note by taking your child with you for haircuts when he is small, so he is familiar with salons. Begin their professional haircuts with a child-friendly salon or stylist. Bring along a favorite toy, book or teddy for comfort. If necessary, show videos to distract them. And a little toy or treat given by the salon to the child at the end will make it an instant hit (even if you’re the one who provides the treats on the sly).
So now your child is all styled and cuter than ever! Just a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid heat. Hair dryers, straighteners, curling rods etc. are not good for adult hair, let alone children’s hair.
  • No harsh chemicals. It’s always better to keep children’s hair simple and natural.
  • Protect their hair from sun, wind and pollution by using a hat, cap or scarf while traveling or playing outdoors. Excessive exposure can lead to dryness and damage.

So in the ABC’s of children’s hair care, it seems the ‘C’s are the real champions! But the most important ‘C’ is for care. With a little gentleness and tender loving care, children’s hair can be kept healthy and beautiful, with plenty of cheers and chuckles along the way!