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5 Easy Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress

Align your energies and become stress free!

The global pandemic, meeting deadlines from home and the constant news have put us all in a stressful position. While there are no means to step out for fresh air, we bring you some easy yoga poses that will make you more active and will also lift stress off your shoulders. Do them in the morning, in between of your work schedule or any time you want a relief. Make sure to calmly breath in every pose, flow in with the movement and align your body and mind.

The Easy Pose

Not a very difficult pose to master, but straightens your spine and you really compels your thoughts to calm and align.

The Rabbit Pose 

Extending your spine completely, this one is for those who have backaches due to prolonged periods of sitting, make sure you are warmed up prior to avoid injuries.

The Child’s Pose 

For a complete relaxing experience, this is the one you should rest in.

The Cat-Cow Pose 

Relax your neck and back with this easy cat-cow pose that doesn’t demand much energy and offers immense relaxation.

The Bow Pose

Stretches out your shoulder blades, chest and pulls your body together and releases stiffness. Make sure not to hold your breath.

Follow these easy asanas to relieve the tension to make the quarantine time a peaceful one.

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