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5 Face-Time Hairstyles in Trend

Have a face-time meet with your friends’ tribe during quarantine? Why not dress up for the living room and get your hair game on point too, to cheer up during these tough days? It is a solace that you can to calm yourself with in this world of chaos. So here’s Chandni Kamdar, Technical Trainer, John Paul Mitchell Systems India, suggesting five chic hairstyles for your face-time meets.



A simple yet effective way to amp up your way to your ponytail is add braids to it. Make it a cute yet chic look which will be an effective mood buster.

Things needed: A comb

How to do it: Start this simple hairstyle with a braid. Divide your hair into three parts, make sure that a section is big enough for a ponytail. Put the other sections into a braid and pull it up along with the other section into a ponytail. Once done make sure to mess the ponytail for a little volume.



This hairstyle is fun and cute to style. It can be paired well with comfy clothes as this is very versatile.

Things needed: A simple rubber band, a few bobby pins, a comb

How to do it: Start with tying half of your hair up in a ponytail and then wrap that around make sure to keep it loose. Secure this bun with bobby pins and viola you are done. You can also take away some loose strands from your bun and frame your face with them. Make sure to keep this messy as this enhances the look and makes the hair look voluminous.



If you are in a mood to experiment with your quarantine looks, try a fishtail braid. This braid is intricate and will keep your locks away from your face in this hot weather. You can try this hairstyle to add some more oomph to your everyday look.

Things needed: A comb, water

How to do it: Start this hairstyle by dividing your hair into two parts. Braid them by taking one strand from each side and keep on adding strands to it with each move. Secure this with a few sprays of water and it will be really slick to add a cool look.



We all miss the music festival season but with a range of musicians conducting online live musical magic moments. You can dress the part to feel like you are out in a concert while enjoying this pleasure right from your living room. We will make sure that your hair game is on point.

Things needed: A comb

How to do it: Start with combing out all your tangles, then divide your hair into two sections from the middle. Take some hair from your hairline and start braiding it in reverse. Go on doing it till you reach the end of your hair and repeat the same on the other side too.



We are spending most of our time in front of the laptop bingewatching on OTT platforms and a favourite genre is chick flicks. Seeing those perfect hairstyles in chick flicks make us wonder how a simple ponytail has been showcased with such elegance. Here’s how.

Things needed: A piece of ribbon, a hairbrush, some hair gel

How to do it: Brush your hair smooth and take it back in a low ponytail. Secure this ponytail with a ribbon or take it a notch above by trying this by a chic silk scarf.



(Images: shutterstock/freepik)

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