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5 Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Your love for lipstick is undying and that is why you deserve to know all the secret hacks there are. HAIR shares the list

Mascara Wand Exfoliation


Are you about to throw away a dried-up mascara tube? Don’t do it just yet because that wand might come in handy. Thoroughly clean it with soap and warm water to get rid of all the mascara. Apply some lip balm and gently rub the wand over your lips for smooth, exfoliated lips.

Broken Eyeshadow as a Lipstick


Repurpose your old and battered eyeshadow by mixing some of the powder in clear gloss and you have your new lipstick shade – free of cost!

Compact Powder Magic


If you want your lipstick to stay intact longer, apply a layer of your lipstick followed by dabbing some compact powder on it. Then apply another coat of the same lipstick and watch your new long-lasting lipstick stay put through the day.

Lipstick as a Cheek Colour


You have just run out of your favourite cheek blush and need some colour ASAP. The humble lipstick comes to the rescue you as a multipurpose cosmetic saviour. Think the good ol’ days of lipstick on cheeks when you were in school plays! Just nowhere as dramatic, go easy and dab on some light pink or berry shade and work it into the cheeks.

Create Nude with Concealer

Prestige Cosmetics.


You’ll never have to invest in a nude lipstick shade if you’ve got three things in place –concealer, lip balm and a shade of red. All you need to do is dab on a coat of concealer over your lips followed by a generous amount of lip balm. Take a little of the red shade and blend it with the concealer and lip balm combination for that ‘just bitten’ au naturel look.



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