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5 Make-Up Hacks every Girl needs to know

Quick and easy- give these a shot!

Look totally on-point, minus the hassle! HAIR tells you how…

1. Make a triangle with concealer underneath your eye for covering up dark circles.

Make a downward pointing triangle at the bottom of the eye. This method is much more effective than making dots. It gives a brighter, even and younger look.

 2. Make a ‘3’ on the side of your face for perfect contouring.

This method will help you to map out the place for perfect contour and highlight. The ‘3’ should be traced with the darker contour shade, the centre of which should fall right at your cheekbones.

3.  Use a toothbrush and hairspray to tame baby hair.

Spray hairspray on your hair and use a toothbrush to comb away the nasty flyaways and baby hair that never seem to stay in place.

4. Make a cross on your Cupid’s Bow with your lip-liner.

This will ensure to make sure that the lipstick does not look messy and out of place and will give your lips a sharp outline, making them look fuller.

5. Use a business card to create the perfect winged tip eye-liner.

Put the business card at the angle you want your wing to be at (preferably tilted slightly upwards for a dramatic stroke). Use a liquid liner and create the look, using the card as a guide. Move the card away to reveal the perfect winged tip.



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