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5 Makeup Challenges to Take When You’re Bored Home

Are you done with reading books, watching movies, stretching and trying to be productive? Here are some more ways to relax and chill. Staying home can be quite boring after a point of time, but strong measure must be taken to wade away Covid-19. We understand your pain sisters! Here are some hilarious makeup challenges that you can try to make the time-in fun. Include your friends, roomies and your family in it to double the fun as you compare the results in the end. As who in their regular busy lives had the chance to do something like this for fun?

Have fun. And if you are thinking that you have nowhere to flaunt it, what is Instagram even for?

Scroll down to know the best makeup Challenges to try now.

No thumbs challenge

Just imagine applying your eyeliner without your thumb. Now imagine doing your entire makeup without the stout unsung hero. Tape your fingers and get on the challenge, you will definitely appreciate your thumb post this.

 No mirror challenge

Uhm well, this is a fun one! Just try not to look in the mirror as you glam up. Then comes the big reveal, as you look in the mirror give yourself a pat on the back and laugh it off, share it on social media and encourage your friends to do so as well.

Use your opposite hand challenge

We wished we were ambidextrous for this one. Use your opposite hand to do your full-face makeup and have fun as you suck at it. The outcome is always fun and who knows it might actually come ‘handy’ someday.

Blindfolded makeup challenge

Include your siblings, boyfriend, roomies and even your parents in this video as they attempt to do your makeup with their eyes shut.

Do your makeup using art supplies challenge

Give your art supplies an alternate use by using your art supplies to do so! Yes, you heard us right. Use your art supplies or your little brother’s art class items to do a glam look.