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5 Makeup Tweaks That Lead to Big Payoffs

Woman makes shade on girl's skull
Make new make-up rules to stay on top of the trend but don’t ditch the old ones completely, advise our make-up gurus. The trick lies in making tiny tweaks that can be big pay-offs!
Make-up trends seem to be evolving faster than ever before. Beauty pundits have already started predicting about newer soaring trends to take over the beauty edit this year. If you’re anything like us, you’ve already set out to buy those products and trashed the old ones. Stop right there, before you go all Marie Kondo! It’s time to make a change in this pattern (New Year’s resolution probably?)From a shade isn’t trending, or glitter is not considered fashionable anymore, to no one uses bronzer–don’t toss all that expensive make-up in the garbage, rather repurpose it! Meaning, let’s embrace the new parameters by making tweaks to your cosmetic rules and still be effortlessly in sync with the new trends.

From bronzer to eye shadow

Being au natural and rocking the ‘no make-up’ make-up look is what everyone is talking about. With the bronzer, you can make your face look a little too unbelievably tan/orange. Instead of ditching the bronzer altogether, apply it on your eyelids—whether you want to wear it on its own fora soft touch of warmth to your eyes or as abase step for your smoky eyes.

Tame down the matte, loud shades with gloss

If red, wine, burgundy, bright pink, these colors seem too loud for you to wear on a daily basis, just apply a sheer gloss (lightly coloured is fine too) and layer it over the lipstick to soften the look. Matte shades look great, but during winters it makes your lips look drier and chapped. So apply a layer of gloss over it for a fresh dewy look.

Mascara for eyelashes, extension for special occasions

With the eyelash extension trend picking up popularity, you must have considered hopping on the lash trend. With most celebrities making a compelling case, you must be highly inspired to get them done with your sultry eyes. However, have you met your trusty mascara? It can really do a mock up look of the same at a lower cost. Just ensure you’re using the voluminous type and a water-proof one is mandatory. It will leave a similar trick of fuller lashes and last through any climate and even if you get teary (or bawl your eyes out) after watching a chick flick. For those absolute special occasions like a wedding or huge milestone celebrations, you may splurge away on the temporary extensions!

 Mascara as brow fillers

The results are out: Eyebrows are in! To achieve the arches of your dreams, we will make use of a magical wand also known as the spoolie—a very important part of the mascara. Apply mascara in a shade that closely matches your natural eyebrows—the technique is making use of short, upward strokes to give yourself naturally beautiful brows.

Metallic lipsticks to cheek strainers

Metallic lipsticks topped the ‘It-List’ until a while ago. Now, you’ll find it lying somewhere at the back of your make-up drawer. It’s time to give it a second life by wearing it as a cheek strainer. Not only will it spread like butter on your skin but even add the shimmer to your cheek bones—making it work as both highlighter and cheek stainer. All you have to do is rub the lipstick on to your fingertips, and apply it using a dabbing motion. Never apply it directly to your cheeks, you risk applying a lot more and looking like a clown.