Hair Style

5 Pool Party Hairdos that are Swimmingly Easy

As the temperature soars, all we want to do is hit the swimming pool. Here is some much-needed #hairspiration to help you stand out from the crowd at a pool party!

Puffy Ponytail

This one’s for all you lazy girls out there. We know that getting bikini-ready was no picnic, so we’ll let you have this one. Back-comb your hair with a teaser to get that ’60s diva look. Pull it all back and secure it with a band. You may also take a strand and wrap it around the band to hide it. Generously spray some hairspray and flaunt that itsy-bitsy bikini with the perfect ‘do that adds some glam to your look.
Side Braid

There’s something about day outings that make messy hair so appealing! Although something as complicated as the fishtail braid shouldn’t be tampered with, we suggest you go for it by pulling a few strands loose from the front. A flowing floral gown with au naturel make-you’ll look perfect!
Messy Top Knot

This casual and divine mess, when done perfectly, complements any outfit with ease. You could be wearing your basic white tee paired with denim shorts and still be attractive as ever. Plus, you’ll be dipping into the water anyway so there can’t be a better ‘do to keep those tresses safe and dry.
Low Bun

This is generally the least preferred choice, but it sure is classy. A low bun effortlessly makes you look calm and composed, which works great when socialising. Even if you don’t plan on dipping your feet in the pool, you’ll definitely be entertained by insightful conversations.
Beachy Waves

The lob has taken over and, undoubtedly, it’s here to stay. Styled with a curling tong and a spritz of salt-spray, beachy waves can be achieved in no time. If you’ve been flaunting long tresses all year long, then experiment with a faux-bob to jazz up your look. Add a pretty flower or two to any side and you’ll be the rare combination of cute and hot—the complete package.