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5 Smart Tips for a Perfect Selfie

This National Selfie Day, get to know some tips and tricks for that flawless selfie look.

While you might have aced your everyday make-up, a selfie special make-up will require you to brush up on your skills. The camera won’t miss the minutest of details. And if you struggle for that perfect angle, we have got your back as we share these make-up tips to get a perfect selfie.

Blend it in

The high megapixels of your camera call for high clarity and if you do not blend in your layers such as the foundation and concealer properly those sharp lines will be visible in spotlight. So make sure you optimise that sponge and blend in well.

Don’t leave the neck out

You give our entire attention to the face, often ignoring the neck and ears which can dull your appearance. So make sure to put in some extra effort into these delicate spots.

Consider the filters

Use blush according to the filters you are going to use. If the filters are going to have a hint of pink, make sure you go subtle on the blush. In case of the highlighter, go all out and make your look sharp and chiselled.

Arch those brows

Groomed eyebrows can change your entire look and this one is a must for a perfect selfie. The proper filled in and shaped brows can give a sharp angle to your face.

The perfect pout

Posing with a pout is one of the favourite clicks of many. And to achieve that funky look make sure your lips are not chapped. Go with a matte or smooth lipstick; as a glossy one mighty look blotchy.

So, what is your next selfie waiting for?


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