5 Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Most of us have celebrated Mother’s Day in the past by rushing our mom to a restaurant or making a last-minute movie or a spa day plan for her. This year, the lockdown makes it impossible to have any such plans. That doesn’t mean the celebration has to be cancelled. Indeed, you have more time now to spend with her, pamper her and make her day super meaningful. So seize the opportunity and make it extra special for her.

Here are five great ways to celebrate mother’s day in quarantine.

  • An evening dateIt’s not possible to go to a restaurant, but you can get the restaurant home instead. You can do this by setting up the living room or dining room like a café replete with candles or string lights, set a centrepiece and silverware for the table. Cook up a storm in the kitchen with her favourite meal and dessert. Create a menu yourself mentioning the dishes you’ve cooked. And don’t forget to play her favourite music once she enters your café.

  • Pampering time Our mothers pamper us through our lives. Why not pamper her with a spa day? You can use your existing skincare products for this or easily make DIY face masks and scrubs using coconut oil, honey, coffee, milk, sugar and other easily available ingredients in your kitchen. Cool her eyes with cotton dipped in cold water or with cucumber. Give her a relaxing facial or a head massage. Or indulge her in a rejuvenating DIY manicure and pedicure.

  • Homemade giftsNow, is the perfect time to let your creative juices flow. Pour your creativity into DIY hand-drawn card and hand-painted flowers. There are loads of easy DIY paper flower videos that you can refer to (you can make her a bouquet of paper flowers). All you will need is paper and a pen or colours. No colours? No problem. Use beetroot, turmeric, onion, coffee, carrots and ingredients you can find as a replacement for colours.

  • Fun videoDownload a video editor (if you don’t have one already). Collect photographs of your mother, some old and some new. Make it a fun mix. In the meanwhile, you could also video record you and your family members saying sweet and memorable stories about your mother. Gather all these photographs and video recordings and compile it into one cute video and play it for her. You can keep the video as a sweet memory and play it on multiple occasions.


  • Penning sweet notes Write her a loving note or a sweet letter stating everything you love about her or about beautiful memories you have shared with her. You can also get creative and write a poem. You and your family members can write separate notes and place them in strategic areas. It will serve her as a reminder through the day of how much you love her.

Note: You can either do one of these ideas or all to give her the beautiful day she deserves and make it super memorable for her.

Hey dads and kids, hope you’re reading and making note!



(Images: freepik/unsplash/pixabay)