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5 Ways to Style your Evergreen Scrunchie

Whether it is for a zoom meeting or while making a run to the grocery store, the evergreen scrunchies by Mesmerize can help you style your hair in a fuss-free way. Scrunchies cause less damage to the hair than regular hair ties as the elastic is covered with a soft fabric and hence they pull and snag less on your hair. Here are five ways you can nail that scrunchie look –

Basic Scrunchie Ponytail 

The high pony scrunchie style is a modern yet retro go-to look for everyone who likes to go basic. You can opt for a messy hairstyle to dress up with casual outfits or can go for a sleek look with office wear.

Half Pony

Another retro-chic hairstyle that pairs perfectly with a scrunchie. The half-pony can be worn high or low. To add more length and volume you can also add hair extensions. The best thing about scrunchies is that they look good with both short and long hair and do not need to be tied multiple times to complete the look.

High Pony with Braid 

Add a little twist to your typical high pony. You can tie your hair up with a product like a mousse or gel for a slick and smooth look. Secure the ponytail at the top with your favourite scrunchie and braid your pony till the end. This adds an element of fun to the high pony.

Top Bun

The most effortless style is the top bun —perfect for meetings, running errands or just running. One needs to secure a tight or messy bun with a scrunchie or two. Add a bit of retro oomph by leaving few strands loose in the front.

 Side Pony with Braid

Perfect for the in-between wash days, the side pony braid can give you a messy but pretty look. The key is to lightly pull your hair off to a side and braid it loosely, securing it with a scrunchie.

The scrunchie can help you style your hair easily, and when you don’t need it is a great complement on your wrist.



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