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6 Best Beauty Books

No matter how well you think you’ve mastered the make-up world, there’s always something more to learn. To bring in the #WorldBookDay, we get you the best reads in the world of beauty.

Great Hair Days: & how to have them

By Luke Hersheson

International hairstylist Luke Hersheson has collaborated with acclaimed designers and celebrities from across the world. His book, Great Hair Days: & how to have them dissects the secrets of having effortlessly gorgeous hair, making sure your hair is telling the world the story that you want it to tell.

Pretty Iconic: A Personal Look at the Beauty Products that Changed the World

By Sali Hughes


This book takes us on a journey of products from the past, present and future of the beauty world.

The Skincare Bible

By Dr Anjali Mahto

Dr Anjali Mahto’s book The Skincare Bible is your know-it-all guide to the skincare department with advice from the best. It helps you with complicated ingredients in skincare, skin myths and numerous other skin-related topics.

An Atlas of Natural Beauty

By L’Officine Universelle Buly

This treasure book of insights and information on beauty transports you to the past and teaches you how seeds, flowers, herbs and fruits can become an integral part of your beauty regime.

The Makeup of a Confident Woman

By Trish McEvoy

This is a perfect manual for all you busy gals out there. Trish tells you how make-up isn’t just skin deep but harnessing the time we spend in front of the mirror in making us confident women.

Perfumes: The A-Z Guide

By Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez

If perfumes and scents are your thing, this is just the book you need to own. It tells you stories of iconic perfumes and scents that have now become masterpieces. It also tells you who wore the scent, the campaigns around the launch and the ideas behind these breathtaking scents.



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