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6 Men’s Skincare Tips for Effortlessly Good Skin

‘Skincare’ is not a term many men would like to associate with and, honestly, it’s their loss. A good men’s skincare regimen is not at all complicated and mostly involves using common sense—yes, it’s that easy. Here are 6 skincare tips that require little effort but deliver excellent results.
Buy the right products for your skin type
Simply buying products for your skin willy-nilly is not the best of decisions. Yet, it is something men do with alarming regularity. The number one factor you MUST take into consideration when buying skincare products is your skin type. Your skin can be sorted into one of the following categories: normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive. All products—from face washes and moisturisers to anti-acne treatments—are available in different varieties to suit particular skin types. Determine what your skin type is and buy products accordingly.
Men do not moisturise. It’s a simple fact of life that we are all aware of and have somehow become okay with. Well, we shouldn’t be; no one Moisturising is critical for ensuring that your skin stays hydrated, as nature intended it to be. So grab a bottle of moisturiser, preferably one specially formulated for men, and help your skin keep dryness at bay.
‘Exfoliation’ is a term not many men are aware of, but they should be. This is especially true for men who shave frequently. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells as wells as gets rid of oil and dirt build-up. This results in skin that is naturally more glowing, radiant, and less prone to breakouts. You need to exfoliate only about once every week, and there are a range of exfoliants you can make at home depending on your skin type. Check our list of DIY exfoliants to discover which one is right for you.
Invest in a good razor
Your run-of-the-mill disposable razor isn’t a bad option. However, is it the best option for your skin? The short answer is ‘no’. How efficient your razor is while shaving has a big say in how your skin looks and feels. We do not condone dangerous activities, but have you considered shaving with a straight razor? Not only is the shave the smoothest you will ever experience, it’s great for your skin as well (minus the little nicks you will initially endure, of course). Not feeling dare-devilish? Try a safety razor instead—it’s, as the name suggests, safer and yet delivers a smooth shave that won’t irritate your skin and drastically cuts down on razor burn.

Apply sunscreen
The sun’s harmful UV-rays do not discriminate based on gender. Think that only women need to protect themselves by using sunscreen? Think again. A guy’s skin is just as vulnerable to damage from sun exposure and using sunscreen is critical for keeping your skin healthy. Three important points to remember: 1. Get a sunscreen with the right SPF for your needs; 2. Re-apply as needed, especially if you’re spending an extraordinary amount of time outdoors (such as at the beach or at a barbecue); and 3. apply it whenever you step outside, including in the winter—just because it’s not summer does not mean the sun stops shining.
Do not skip on sleep or exercise
Most people fail to see the connection between sleep, exercise, and skincare, but it’s right there staring us in our pretty faces.
There are a number of scientific reasons why getting enough sleep and indulging in exercise will do right by your skin. A lot of it involves biological magic, like the power of endorphins and such, but trust us, the science behind it all is indeed sound. Just don’t forget to wash your face first thing after you wake-up and right after you get off the gym floor.