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6 Ways to Accelerate Hair Growth

We share with you a few golden rules on how to accelerate hair growth and make everyday a good hair day.

Massage your scalp
A standard scalp massage increases blood flow and stimulates hair growth. Avoid using fingernails while massaging. Gently move your fingers around your scalp covering all areas in a circular motion.

Apply hair oil
Before you start your scalp massage to aid hair growth, apply castor or lavender or coconut or argan oil. Products containing sulfur, too, are known to increase hair growth and should be included in the beauty regime.

Eat well
Consuming as many nutrients, iron-rich foods and vegetables as possible and having a balanced diet everyday is the key to having quick growth of healthy hair. A healthy diet not only prevents loss of hair, it also helps your hair stay strong and lustrous.

Exercise regularly
Exercising regularly makes your body healthy. When your body is healthy, the hair that grows is healthy too. Exercises like jogging, neck exercises and various postures of yoga are known to promote healthy hair growth.

Drink plenty of water
Drinking a minimum of two litres of water daily helps accelerate hair growth, as it not only hydrates the body but your hair as well. Drinking adequate amount of water gives your body maximum moisture.

Inverse scalp massage
Contrary to the standard scalp massage, the inverse scalp massage is performed into the scalp with your head upside down for five minutes daily. This is known to increase the hair growth by at least one inch.