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7 Cardinal Rules for Curly Hair Care

Curly hair requires special care. And we’re here to give you the 7 cardinal rules you must follow.

1. Most people start brushing from the roots and make their way to the end of the hair strands. However, curly hair requires just the opposite. Always comb from the ends up to the root. This will allow you to deal with each individual knot at the end first, rather than having all the knots piled on at the ends, which can be a huge nightmare to get through.
2. And when we say ‘always comb’, we mean ‘comb’, not ‘brush’. Do your curly hair a favour—ditch the brush and reach for a wide-toothed comb. It will prevent breakage and also helps keep the shape of your curls. Even using your fingers is better than using a brush on your curly hair.
3. Those with curls will find that their hair is drier than most and hence, more prone to split ends than usual. Remember to trim the ends frequently to keep split ends at bay. It’s a small step, but goes miles towards keeping your hair healthy and looking good.
4. As explained previously, curly hair can get a lot drier that most other hair. Try co-washing if your hair feels too dry, especially in the colder months. Co-washing involves washing your hair with conditioner only, leaving shampoo out of the equation. Needless to say, if you have dandruff, co-washing and skipping the anti-dandruff shampoo is not recommended.
5. Indulge in “pineappling” after washing your hair and before going to bed. Pineappling involves loosely piling your hair into a bun or pineapplish-ponytail at the top most point of your head. When drying your hair, this prevents gravity from pulling at your curls and causing frizz. Pineappling before going to sleep protects the curl pattern and helps the hair retain its natural volume.
6. Wrapping your hair in a towel to dry it is good; rubbing your hair dry will only damage the hair follicles. However, an even more effective way is to wrap your drying hair in a cotton t-shirt. It will still dry your hair well, while being even gentler than a towel and protecting the structure of your curls.
7. Not all the products you use will be good for your hair as is. Sometimes, you will need to improvise. Create a product cocktail that meets your stylish/nourishing needs. Is the styling gel too firm for your curls? Add in a dash of coconut oil to keep those curls soft and bouncy. The mousse you use styles well but lacks hydration and a shine? Mix it with some serum to get the desired hold and look.