7 Cunning Hacks for Curly Hair Girls

Young black woman with afro hairstyle smiling. Girl wearing black dress. Studio shot.

Curly hair may not be the easiest to manage, but there are some hacks to make your life easier.

Regular Trims

For your curls to look good,they need to have some bounce and life in them. Old hair is the exact opposite of that. A regular trim, once every 6 to 8 weeks, gets rid of old dull hair and ensures that your curls keep looking their best.

The No-Poo Wash

No shampoo, that is. Using only conditioner to wash your hair may seem like a strange thing to do, but it is one trend curly-haired girls are swearing by. Also known as Co-Washing, it is perfect for textured hair. Learn more about co-washing here.

Shower with a Hairnet

A good curl structure is imperative for good-looking hair, and once you have achieved it, you really should try to hang on to it. Using a hairnet when showering will ensure that your hair is cleaned, but the curl structure remains unaffected.

T-Shirts over Towels

Even the softest towels won’t serve your curly hair as well as a cotton t-shirt can. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy t-shirt; the most basic cotton t-shirts will do. They are gentler on your curls and do a much better job of soaking up water when patting your hair dry.

Combs over Brushes

If you have curly hair, there shouldn’t be a single hairbrush in sight. Seriously. Wide-tooth combs are your hair’s best friend and can get the job done without damaging or yanking at the hair follicles. This guide highlights the best combing techniques depending on the type of curls you have.

Frizz Control Friend

Frizz control creams and serums are excellent at making sure your curly hair’s texture stays true and perfect. Even a small amount is enough to seal hair cuticles and keep humidity out.

Pin Curls

Those little ringlets in your curly hair look amazing, and the best way to keep them is to learn how to pin curl. Once you have got the hang of pin curling, you can also use your new-found skill to create some seriously gorgeous retro hairdos.
(Feature image: Designed by Javi_Indy / Freepik)