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7 Essential Beach Skin Care Tips…

Let these beach skin care tips ensure you have a good time on the coastline without harming your skin.

1. Moisturise beforehand
The ideal beach skin care routine begins even before you hit the sandy shores. Right before you leave for the beach, moisturise thoroughly, especially if you have dry skin. Your skin is going to lose a lot of moisture as it’s exposed to the sun, so don’t even think of skipping this step.
2. Use sunscreen like your life depends on it
And you know what? It probably does. The sun’s harmful UV rays can do a nasty number on your skin and health. Sunburn is bad enough, but the long-term effects of exposing bare skin to UV rays are even worse. Use a sunscreen that is right for you. If you are not sure which SPF is good for you, talk to a skin expert instead of trying to guess while standing in the store aisle.
3. Get a big hat
There are two reasons for wearing a big hat at the beach: I – No one rubs adequate sunscreen on their face and moisturisers, even those with SPF, don’t do that good of a job keeping UV rays a bay. A big hat provides the shade that your face and neck require. II – Because it’s dope stylish, that’s why.
4. Tone down the make-up
Ideally, you shouldn’t be wearing any make-up when you get to the beach—it does not offer an additional layer of protection for your skin and the last thing you need is to get baked under a layer of foundation. If you have to, opt for a nude make-up look and make sure that your waterproof mascara is really good at the waterproofing bit.
5. Pack a loose shirt and a sarong
Despite regularly applying sunscreen with the right kind of SPF, it is still possible to overexpose your skin to the sun. When not sunbathing, consider putting on a loose cotton/linen shirt and wrapping a sarong around your hips. This will ensure that you do not overdo the tan, and is also great for when it starts becoming a bit chilly.
6. Stay hydrated
And by hydrated we mean good ol’ H20. Sipping alcoholic beverages on the beach doesn’t exactly count as staying hydrated. Your skin will lose quite a bit of moisture over the day and nothing replenishes it like sipping on some cool water. Fruit juices and coconut water area lso perfect for the job.
7. Don’t skip the after-sun lotion
Just because you are finally back indoors does not mean that your skin care regimen is over. Apply after-sun lotion to any exposed areas—it will heal any minor skin damage caused by overexposure as well ensure that your tan lasts longer.

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