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7 Steps to Squeaky Clean & Beautiful Hands

Hands need to be handled with great care in the current times of medical scare. This is especially true for those of you who’re doing household chores like cleaning, washing utensils, etc. during this quarantine period. Excessive exposure to detergents can dry your skin. But worry not. Just throw in a sound hand care regime and you’re good to go.

Treat these handcare tips by Dr Sneha Prabhudabholkar, National Creative Director – Skin, Lakme Salon as your ultimate saviour.

  1. Use a hand sanitiser containing 60 per cent alcohol for maintaining personal hygiene.
  2. During this quarantine time, you may have to do household work with water (while cooking food) and detergents for cleaning utensils. Wear gloves to protect your skin from drying.
  3. Apply a good hand cream several times a day. Look for ingredients like vitamin E, lavender oil, natural omega 3 & 6 fatty acids in the cream.
  4. If your hand cream is over, then apply warm coconut oil mixed with a few drops of lavender oil all over your palms and hands before bedtime. This will help sootheand calm your body and mind as well.
  5. Keep your nails short, as long nails tend to accumulate dirt and grime under the nails, leaving high risk of infection.
  6. Excessive exposure to detergents can also lead to dry cuticles and brittle nails. To save your nails, cut a cotton eye pad intofour pieces, soak in a mixture of coconut oil and lavender oil and place them on nails. Seal them loosely with a band aid and keep it overnight. This will strengthen your nails and soften the cuticles.
  7. If you are waring nail extensions use a good quality nail brush to gently scrub beneath your nails and remove any dirt that may be stuck there.

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