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8 Classic Men’s Hairstyles You Should be Switching To

These classic men’s hairstyles aren’t just all-time favourites. They are very much THE hairstyles you should be switching to right now.


The Side-Part
From Cary Grant and Amitabh Bachan to George Clooney and Ranbir Kapoor, there is no shortage of good-looking men on the silver screen who have donned this perennial classic. No mattter what the era, you can’t go wrong with a side parting. In this age of man buns and spiked hair, a suave side-parting makes you stand out as a gentleman.

The High-and-Tight
You might know it better as a ‘crew cut’, but regardless of what you call it, it’s undeniable that the high-and-tight works wonders towards overhauling you look. If you have an angular face, the high-and-tight should be your go-to haircut.

The Slicked-Back
Gone are the days when having slicked-back hair was asscoiated with greasiness. Thanks to the availability of better hairstyling products, you can now get a slicked-back look without sporting a greasy forehead to go with it.

The Wave
If you’re growing out your hair, you’ll be at this awkward phase where you hair’s too long for a regular side parting, but not long enough to be slicked-back. Enter the wave. It’s a spohisticated way of keeping your growing mane under check, without sacrificing the style quotient.

The Pompadour
If the slicked-back look is not bold enough for your tastes, the pompadour is right up your alley. It is admittedly a little high maintenance, but all the time and effort you put into styling it is totally worth it.

The French Crop
Easy to maintain, the French crop is a no-fuss hairstyle that is perfect for the man who wantgs to keep his hairstyling product use to an absolute minimum. Simply spread some hair wax in your palms and toussle lightly. Voila! A perfect head of hair.

The Buzz Cut
Most people confuse the buzz cut with the high-and-tight. The buzz cut is for folks who think that even the high-and-tight is too much length for their liking. This hairstyle is deceptively high-maintenance though; frequent trims are imperative to keep the length in check. On the plus side, you can probably buzz your own hair at home.

The Messy Fringe
For bead-head connoisseurs, the messy fringe provides the perfect base. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to style, and you can easily grow it out when you’re jonesing for a new look. No wonder it’s a classic that keeps coming back in vogue.