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‘90s hairstyles and cuts that never go out of fashion!

Every season has new hair trends, but there are some that stand the test of time and never cease to go out of fashion.

The ‘90s was an era of hair experimentation-we saw wild, flashy, yet stylish and unique looks that made this one of the most interesting decades in hair fashion. The looks were mainly served by artists who didn’t shy away from being out-of-the-box and at times, over-the-top. If you especially, are a product of the ‘90s, you definitely emulated the quirky hairstyles like crimping, braiding or adding funky accessories seen on Disney channel or MTV. And as all good things make a come-back, take a look at our favourite ‘90s hairstyles, and how you can wear them with a 2019 twist.

Crimped hair

Crimping is the art of styling straight hair to give it a zig-zagy wavy look. The crimped hairstyle was very popular back in the ‘90s. Seen on celebrities like Britney Spears, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Christina Aguilera to name a few, this hairstyle has lately been revived by the likes of Tyra Banks, Gigi Hadid, Bella Thorne and Ariana Grande.

To recreate this look with a modern day update, pull your hair back into a sleek ponytail and leave the top half straight with the length of the ponytail crimped for a fuller look. You can also crimp only certain strands of your hair and leave the rest of it straight.

Box Braids

The box braids were worn by women since a long time. Along with being a protective hairstyle the box braids shields your hair from extreme weather conditions. Not only is it cute and convenient it also makes the wearer stand out. Made famous by Janet Jackson in the ‘90s, who continues to wear the box braids proudly till date, this hairstyle has seen a resurgence lately.

To modernize this hairstyle, colour it up, wear it half-up, half-down, tie it up in a knot or go for a shorter bob look. Whatever you do, make sure to rock your box braids like Zoe Kravitz does here.

Pixie cut

The pixie cut is evergreen, and it caught on as a ‘90s favourite after it was spotted on divas like Demi Moore, Winona Ryder and also Princess Diana. In a shorter and more piecey avatar, actresses like Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson and Rihanna are bringing it on the trend charts.

This uber cool hairstyle is glamorous and sophisticated at the same time. Complement the cut with fun accessories or colours to give yourself a drastic transformation!

Choppy Bob hairstyle

This is one look that we all remember and is relevant even today. Thank you Meg Ryan for serving us this look. We absolutely loved this one on you! “A happy accident”, as Meg revealed in one of her interviews, went on to become an iconic hairstyle. The popular bob of the ‘90s is back and how. This haircut has been tried by nearly everyone… to name a few—Emilia Clarke, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Margot Robbie.

A definite favourite among women due to its light and breezy feel, to stay in trend, you could opt for a long bob aka the Lob or go for a shoulder-grazing cut or tousled bob. Add vibrant hues like reds or pinks to give it that extra zing.

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