90s Hairstyles That Desperately Need To Comeback

The 90s beauty had a lot of good ideas to offer. From overplucked eyebrows not withstanding to scrunchies (a.k.a. hair clouds) that don’t leave dents in your hair, the 90s were perhaps one of the trendiest periods we came across.

And what’s more, the iconic 90s hairstyles that rendered many speechless, till today! That’s why there many 90s hairstyles that are slowly making a comeback through runways and red carpets. However, there are still a few that desperately need to hit the spotlight, to become the new #hairtrend of 2018.

Here are four 90s hairstyles that we think, desperately need to comeback this year..


Sleek Topknot

And it comes with a cute scrunchie! Oops we mean hair clouds. Inspired by the runway, the topknot look has been worn in different styles since the 90s. But it’s the one with the scrunchie that takes the cake! Adorable-looking, the scrunchie serves as a perfect decorative accessory, giving the topknot a sleek look.


Double Buns

Adorably dubbed as space buns, the double buns hairstyle has seen the red carpet often, especially in the 90s. Inspired by the famous popstar Gwen Stefani, a modern version of this popular ’90s hairstyle has been spotted on celebrities like Hailey Baldwin and Khloé Kardashian. Leaving out hair in the front and letting the buns look messy gives the style a sexy finish.



Crimped Hair Ponytail

Crimping is more about getting a modern makeover on runways and red carpets. The key here is to not crimp the entire head but use the crimped hair as more of an accent piece. Inspired by Britney Spears, the crimped hair ponytail is the classic 90s hairstyle you could wear with any look.


Sleek Strands

Inspired by the twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, this look combines a middle part with super straight hair. Just flat-iron your hair from the roots to the ends and apply some finishing cream and oil to smoothen out your hair. Use a hair spray to keep the look still and finally use some decorative barrettes, to give the look a final touch.

Want to show off your best 90s hairdo? Which of these options do you like best? Let us know in the comments section below!


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