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A 24k Gold Mask to Achieve That Glow?

Achieving that super model glow needs more than makeup, it needs actual gold!

While laser, light and other hi-tech treatments provide the radiance, the gold mask instantly elevates your tired skin giving you the actual illuminating gold appearance.

We are not talking about some over-the-counter product but an actual 24K pure gold treatment that has been creating buzz for all the glittering reasons.

Mimi Luzon, a celebrity favorite aesthetician is a pioneer for highlighting the potent metal in her treatments and products. The mask grabbed more attention as supermodel Bella Hadid’s video of  relaxing with the gold leaf face mask created rounds prior to the London Fashion Week.

So why is the gold mask hyped and what does it even do? We researched and have the answers for you.

Gold is known from ancient times as a source to achieve ethereal beauty. It is said that Egyptian queen Cleopatra slept on with a pure gold mask nightly in order to nourish her skin and keep it soft.

The innovative treatment is curated to instantly boost glow, treats redness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and especially restore hydration giving your skin an overall healthy feel. The mask works wonders for the post flight face and is no wonder favoured by the all-time travelling models.

Apart from Hadid, the treatment is advocated by Kaia Gerber, Irina Shayk and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Luzon also uses pure silver leaves in her treatments which are known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substance. The treatment cools and moisturizes the skin and protects against future dehydration and irritations.

The mask lets you actually drip in gold because ‘you are gold baby, pure gold’.