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A Cup of Beauty

Did you know your favourite beverage ingredients can also solve your beauty problems?

Your favourite beverage like tea and coffee is perhaps the greatest and most trusted pick-me-up for when you’re feeling low and crabby—the aroma alone of a freshly brewed cup is enough to awaken and refresh you! While they are a treat to your senses, your regular cuppa does more than just that. Whether it’s tea or coffee you prefer, those, along with a sprinkling of sugar, work wonders for your skin when applied topically. Let’s take a look at the beauty benefits they offer.


In today’s metropolitan lives we are fuelled by coffee; we know coffee as the beverage that makes our working days bearable. While that cup of coffee takes us through our day, it does have its down sides as well. An overdose of caffeine can result in increased stress levels and anxiety, jitteriness, reduced sleep quality and in some cases rising blood pressure. Although too much caffeine consumption may cause you to get overstimulated and have you avoiding it, coffee has certain beauty benefits. Coffee makes for a great exfoliant. It removes all the dirt, blackheads and dead cells and promotes cell regeneration, leaving your skin smooth, bright and silky and reduces the appearance of cellulite on the skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it is a good treatment for acne. A little bit of coffee mixed in sunscreen is known to give added skin protection as it can absorb damaging UV rays. It also helps in getting rid of puffy eyes. Try mixing coffee with a little water and dab it around your eyes. The chlorogenic acid it contains reduces inflammation around the eyes and reduces dark circles too. Applying coffee to the hair helps to rebalance the pH levels of the hair and scalp as it is naturally acidic. Just how coffee wakes your senses in the morning, the same way it awakens your skin too.

Black Tea

Having a piping hot cup of bed tea is something many of us look forward to every morning. From black to matcha or green, there are numerous varities of teas available today. To begin with, the beauty benefits of black tea will ensure that you have glowing skin and gorgeous hair. Instead of throwing the black tea bags, soak it in water and then wash your hair with this water for shinier and silkier hair. Black tea helps add moisture to the skin; wash your face with a mix of water and black tea to have an instant glow. Its anti-bacterial properties also help get rid of foot odour, reduce spots and blisters.

Moving on to green tea, this one has innumerable health and beauty benefits, making it great to consume and apply topically. Green tea has great antibacterial properties which help in treating acne and unclogging pores. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing anti-inflammation and redness of the skin. Caffeine and tannins in green tea help soothe and de-puff the muscles around the eyes, making it a miracle for treating dark circles as well. Instead of throwing away used green tea bags, place them over your eyes for 5-10 minutes and watch your eyes brighten and liven up! It’s safe to say then that along with being a refreshing beverage, its beauty benefits are not to be missed.


Who doesn’t love sugar and everything sweet! From doughnuts and candies, to sugary drinks, all our comfort food is loaded with sugar (and in turn, calories!). Because too much sugar consumption poses health risks, learn to play it smart—the next time you have a sugar craving, whip up a beauty potion instead of a dessert! Yes, sugar offers various beauty benefits, all of which you can enjoy without the worry of piling on extra pounds or falling ill.

Firstly it can be used as an excellent exfoliator for dry and chapped lips. Mix brown or white sugar with a couple of drops of honey and lemon, and scrub your lips with it. Leave on for five minutes and rinse it off. This quick d.i.y will help in exfoliating the lips, brighten and hydrate them, all at once. Suagr also works well as a full body scrub that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. It cleanses your skin and helps you get rid of dead skin cells, not allowing harmful toxins to affect your skin. Also, sugar mixed with oil helps you get that perfect glow and when used regularly as a scrub, it is known to slow down the ageing process and give you a youthful look.