A Gem Of A Treatment


The healing powers of crystals and gemstones are unparallel and very well-known since ages, says Khursheed Dinshaw. It’s no wonder then that they made their way into our spa and beauty therapies.

Since centuries, Asians, Egyptians, Europeans and even Native Americans have been using gemstones for healing. Today’s beauty and wellness industry combines their healing benefits with a feel good factor, since the treatments are done in settings that pamper the mind, body and soul.

At The Westin Mumbai and The Westin Pune, gemstones selected for their energy enhancing qualities are rolled over the body, melting away tension and relaxing tight muscles, while restoring the energy balance. This therapy is called Rollerssage and it combines the deep relaxing feeling of a Swedish massage with heat therapy to rejuvenate. The four gemstones used in the treatment are hematite, tiger eye, rose quartz and sodalite that have metaphysical as well as healing properties.

“The metaphysical properties of the metallic coloured hematite are that it is excellent for the mind and grounding while its healing properties are that it improves blood circulation and activates the root chakra. It is the heaviest of all four gemstones as it absorbs the blocked energy of the body,” explains Anu Mohan, Spa Manager, Heavenly Spa, The Westin Pune.

The pink coloured rose quartz is the love stone that brings with it love, compassion and harmony while benefitting the heart chakra. It resolves hurt, anger, resentment and jealousy. The metaphysical properties of the blue and white coloured sodalite include being more efficient and focused while it works on the throat chakra. It also aids digestion. Tiger’s eye is brown and yellow coloured and helps to create more confidence, personal insight and strength in oneself. It works on the solar plexus and third eye chakras.

The guest can choose two of the four gemstones that are heated in a stone heater before application. The gemstones are circular in shape because they are placed in two round rollerssage holders for rotating on the body. “Prior to rotating, a body massage is done using warm green tea grape fruit oil. This oil removes toxins, is anti-inflammatory and provides a glow to the skin. The massage is done using a series of long, short and circular strokes done with the forearm, knuckles, thumbs and palms,” adds Ruati Hlawnchhing who has been a gemstone therapist for five years.

An egg-shaped crystal quartz is used to activate the pressure points on the soles of the feet.

The guest is given the two gemstones to hold in her fist which is symbolic of protection and of blocking out negative energy while the massage is being administered. The gemstones are repetitively heated before application as the body absorbs the heat.


Gemstones have also found eager takers in facial spas. Face lotions, creams and masks using powdered precious and semi precious gemstones not only add to the uniqueness of a facial but are loaded with beauty benefits too.

“For our facials, we evaluate the skin type of our guest and accordingly choose the products that contain the required gemstones in powdered form. We use a face lotion that contains rose quartz which helps to regenerate, moisturise, soften and smoothen skin. Another face lotion is enriched with sapphire and smithsonite. These cleanse, strengthen and soothe the skin. The face gets a uniform complexion after application,” explains Kaveeta Pol, Founder, Orrganic Elemennt which is India’s first organic, vegan and cruelty-free spalon. Orrganic Elemennt has spalons in Koregaon Park and Baner, Pune.

Crème au Jade is a cream recommended for dry skin. It contains jade that restores the moisturising balance in the superficial layers of the skin. For ruby lovers, there is the skin cream that is suitable for combination skin, which has micronized ruby to help regulate sebum secretion. It naturally restores freshness and balance.

Guests who have sensitive skin should use the cream which contains powdered sapphire. “Iron, a trace element that is indispensable for skin health, is found in sapphire. It improves skin resistance and protects it from external aggressions. For those with a combination skin, the mask containing amethyst and red jasper is beneficial. The face is cleansed and soothed. Complexion is more radiant,” adds Kaveeta.