Care Hair

A Little Goes A Long Way

Are you using too much product? Jennifer Meredith advise on the optimum amounts for an efficient hair care routine.



You need around a teaspoonful of shampoo for finer hair, and slightly more for thicker hair. If the product isn’t lathering, try adding more water rather than more shampoo, as using more shampoo than recommended can strip natural oils and sap moisture from your scalp and roots.


2. Conditioner


Although it may seem logical to think that using more conditioner will be better for your hair, it is possible to use too much. Excessive amounts of conditioning products could weigh down your hair, leaving it flat and lifeless. Instead try applying like a golfball-sized  amount to your mids and ends only, as a healthy scalp tends not to need the extra moisture. Those with the thinner or shorter hair should apply around half this amount.


3. Oil


Like conditioner, oil is commonly overused because we think that more is better. For fine hair, you only need to apply an amount equivalent to the size of a grain or rice (yes really!). For thicker hair, no more than a 10p-sized amount  is required. With any hair oil, warm the product between your hands before applying it to the ends of damp hair.


4. Serum


Too much serum can make any hair type appear greasy. For finer hair, apply no more that two grains of rice worth of product – those with thicker hair can move up to a 10p size. Like oils, serums should be warmed between the hands and massaged or brushed into damp hair.


5. Pomade


Perfect for shorter hair, pomade is a product that holds your style in place without the drying properties of gel. Use a 5p-sized amount to achieve your perfect look –  rub the product between your fingers, the mould your hair into your desired style.


6. Masks


You can be a little more generous with most masks – just remember to rinse thoroughly afterwards. Masks are designed to rehydrate medium to thick hair, and an egg-sized amount is ideal for this.