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All the Steps to Sonakshi Sinha’s Glam Look

Getting a celebrity glam look is now just a hop-skip and a jump away.

Getting a look right needs more than just the right products. The combination of the 3 Ps: practice, perseverance and the right products is the perfect recipe. Today, we decode Sonakshi Sinha’s MyGlamm’s look that speaks volumes of glam.

Being the beauty detectives that we are, we decipher each step and all the products you will need to achieve the radiant look. Start with the beauty guru approved cleanse-tone-moisturize aka CTM routine. Go with your skin shade matching foundation and don’t forget to blend in spotlessly( beauty blenders to the rescue).


Sculpt those bones

Next step: Use the Bronzer duo and sculpt your face with your contouring skills (Learn more about contouring here). With an angular brush grace your cheeks to draw in the chubbiness, add definition to your jawline by creating a shadow effect under the jaw as well by brushing some dark hued bronzer.






Set it straight

Dust the magical banana setting powder to set your contour and to keep it in place. Play with the neutral palate and give your lids a natural yet framed appeal. Go over your lids with a winged liner and curl those lashes with your voluminous mascara to add finesse. Don’t forget to use mascara for those bottom lashes as well.







Blush Blush Blush

Give your cheeks a tint with the blush duo above your contour. We’ve all at least once overdone our blush so make sure to wade away your brush to remove excess product and give your cheeks a subtle tint than a rosy cheek look.







All hail the lipstick!

The final touch, and indeed the most important one, the all-mighty lipstick! To enhance the drama, swipe the intense Carmine Red over your pout. Tadaa! Your party look is ready to be rocked throughout the night.