Are Makeup Removing Towelettes Really Worth Your Penny?


No matter how exhausted you are, but getting off that stubborn mascara before your face hits the pillow is essential.

Nonetheless, you still avoid going through that cumbersome task of removing makeup, after clocking in long hours at the office. But before you’re about to be whisked away into a night of sleep (even if for a couple of hours), there’s a voice in your head that keeps reminding you the need to remove all that makeup immediately.

That’s when you reach out for your trusty shortcut, a.k.a, makeup removing towelettes. Easy and fuss-free, these towelettes are a seamless takeout for our women on-the-go.

There’s no fussing with different bottles, just 2-3 wipes across your face and the job is done. Truth be told, makeup removing towelettes are totally lazy-proof! But probably not the healthiest choice for your skin. At least that’s what many say.

So are makeup removing towelettes worth your penny? Let’s have a closer look at some of the pros and cons to get a better idea.

We’ve always been told by our dermatologists about how harmful it is to sleep with our makeup on (as products clog pores and gather dirt on your skin). Thence, switching to something that easily removes all the makeup is beneficial right? No, not always.

Although makeup removing towelettes serve as a substitute for the old bottle and cotton makeup removing process, the same cannot be done with facial washing. In fact, as soon as one removes their makeup with one of these easy wipes, they need to ensure that they rinse their skin thoroughly afterwards.

Nevertheless, makeup removing towelettes are super-handy and are sometimes gentle on your skin too!


We repeat, makeup removing towelettes are not a substitute to the regular facial washing!

Besides, one also needs to be careful about the composition of such towelettes. Some makeup removing towelettes contain chemicals that could be harmful for your skin. Usage of such towelettes could leave a chemical residue on your skin causing further irritation and perhaps, even acne! And, if used incorrectly, these towelettes could also smear the makeup into your skin, rather than removing the particles off completely. Also, some towelettes contain alcohol which could cause your skin to dry out. In fact, many dermatologists suggest the use of towelettes that can stay in your bathroom cabinet without growing bacteria and fungi (in short, use only those that can stay fresh till they last!)


So are makeup removing towelettes really worth your penny? Yes they are, but only if use the right ones. Only use those towelettes that are super gentle and alcohol-free. Also, do ensure to check the quality of the ingredients before you purchase any. And, more importantly, make sure you wash your face with a gentle cleanser immediately afterwards, every time.

So get going and stash your drawers with one of these makeup removing towelettes:

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