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Leave it to Yoga!

Since time immemorial, yoga has held the reputation of offering countless health as well as beauty benefits, says Mona Punjabi. But only now, after...


Rock Chic Supreme

What’s life without a touch of spunk? Add some to your life with this bold metallic pout. 1. Start by applying a base to achieve a clear, flawless...

Hair How To

Braided Beauty

Looking for a sassy, easy and a go-to hairstyle while tying your hair up? We reckon that braids are the most sought-after way to jazz up a simple ‘do...


Eat your way to a Healthy Mane!

Long, healthy hair calls for a lifelong commitment, says Mona Punjabi. And one key ingredient of that commitment is a good, nutritious diet! Think of...


A vial of good vibes

Aparrna Gupta explores why Tibetan singing bowls, classical notes and healing chants are being used by some green beauty brands to give their range a...

Hair Style

Quick Fix ’Dos

Your fabulously styled hair CAN look enviably gorgeous for more than just a day—with a few simple tweaks, you can flaunt two great styles in just one...



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