Author - Hena Desai

Assistant editor/ pop culture junkie with an obsessive need to keep up with the Kardashians. Keeping my nails painted and eyeliner even is all that I care about. And world peace, obviously.


The D.I.Y. Guide

When it comes to beauty products, there’s nothing better than having customised formulas that not only look great on you but make you feel great as...


Baked To Perfection

If you’re still associating baking only with food, then you surely haven’t caught up yet! There’s a new make-up technique that’s doing the rounds...


Brow Know-How

When so much attention is paid to getting your eye, lip and cheek make-up just right, why ignore that which frames your peepers? HAIR brings you a 4...

Beauty Makeup

Jamsu Mania

The latest beauty technique from Korea that has taken the internet by storm? Jamsu. We discover what jamsu is, and why beauty gurus are raving about...