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Hair Buzzword: The Pun

Welcome the little sister of the Hun (Half Bun) to the family, the adorable and laidback ‘Pun’. HAIR gives you the details about the latest trend

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Mane Empowerment

A dwindling mane can shatter your confidence. With the expertise of Dr. Jaishree Sharad, Shefali Samdria unravels the causes behind a dwindling mane...

Colour Hair Interviews Style

Colour Me Bride

The Indian woman is unafraid to shine as a modern bride. Shefali Samdria speaks with Pooja Singh, Senior Manager, Education and Development, Matrix...

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Keisha’s Moment

She is well on her way to rule the catwalks and print in India and London. Shefali Samdria presents Keisha Lall in her own words!



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