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Skin Solutions

Cosmetologist Priyanka Tyagi of Omorfia Aesthetic Clinic, New Delhi, answers your skin queries. Ask now! I’m a teenager suffering from acne...

Care Hair

Say Yay to Healthy Hair

Simple and easy cues to repair damaged tresses. Let your hair do the talking. A walk through the beauty shelves in supermarkets or malls will confuse...

Cut Hair

Fringe Benefits

No matter what your face or hair type is, there is a fringe that will suit you! Regardless of whether you call them bangs or fringes, one thing...

Beauty Hair

Best Beauty Books to Read

A book is your best friend and so is make-up. So a combination of both would be an absolute delight, isn’t it? Under the umbrella of health...

Celeb Diaries Hair

Twinning Tales

Take hair inspos from twin singers Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar and open the gate to chic hair trends Multi-talented songstresses Sukriti and Prakriti...



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