Baked To Perfection

If you’re still associating baking only with food, then you surely haven’t caught up yet! There’s a new make-up technique that’s doing the rounds, called baking or even cooking. To be honest, this technique isn’t entirely new; it has been around for a long time and has been widely used for stage and performance make-up due to its long-wear time. Remember that it’s a heavy look to wear, so try it occasionally for special events; it can be a tad much to be worn casually in the day. It’s very similar to contouring and employs the use of lots and lots of powder, letting the heat from your body set the base of your make-up to help you achieve a flawless, even and pore-less look.

How does it work? Begin with your usual make-up routine—moisturising, priming and applying foundation and concealer. Next, use a damp sponge to apply a thick layer of setting powder on areas of your face that you wish to highlight such as the cheek and brow bones, the centre of the nose, the top of your jawline, etc. Let this powder sit for 10-20 minutes, allowing the heat from your face to “bake” it so that it is absorbed well into the skin. Once the make-up sets in place, dust off the excess product with a brush to reveal a perfectly matte and chiselled look. Proceed with applying the rest of your make-up as you normally would and flaunt a gorgeous look that is sure to stay in place all through the day (or night)!

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Hena Desai

Assistant editor/ pop culture junkie with an obsessive need to keep up with the Kardashians. Keeping my nails painted and eyeliner even is all that I care about. And world peace, obviously.